Monday, July 12, 2010

And The Story Goes ... Episode XIII

“Where is he? He should be here by now. Maybe something happened; how come he’s still not here? What’s with all of this waiting?” Jennifer interrogates, escalating her tone with each question.
Advancing towards Jennifer consolingly, Karen pats her shoulder and assures, “Calm down love, David is on his way. I’m sure nothing has happened. We haven’t been waiting long. Remember, he and Brad were at the gym; they probably had to shower. He’ll be here soon dear, okay?”
  I wanna say okay but it’s not okay, what’s taking so long? I wasn’t even sure I wanted to tell David but now that Karen’s convinced me to tell him, he’s taking forever to get here. “This waiting is killing me girl. I wish he already knew then I wouldn’t have to tell him. I don’t want to tell him Karen, maybe I should just take him with me to my next appointment with the doctor.” Jennifer offers.
“Taking David to your next appointment is a great idea; that way he can ask questions which will help him help you. What are you so afraid of?”  Karen cross-examines while occupying the closest chair.
“Everything and nothing—something and a little bit. I can’t explain it; I know it sounds crazy to you but I don’t feel it will go well.”
“Why wouldn’t it? He’s probably gonna be crushed when he finds out your diagnosis; and hurt that he wasn’t the first to know. Frankly, I’m shocked that you’ve told me before him.” Seeing Jennifer’s face sadden, prompts Karen’s reassurance, “No judgment dear, I said I was surprised not that I thought it was wrong. It’s your body and you have to do what is okay with you; I ‘m here for you all the way sweetie.”
“Thank you; that means so much right now. I just wish he would come already.”
“He’s coming; he’s coming, now let’s talk about something that won’t have you watching the door. How would you like to have a little girl just like you?” Karen puts forth.
“A little girl would be nice, just not like me”, Jennifer decides.
“Why; were you a hellion growing up?”
Jennifer smirks, “Not really, but I do remember how I used to think and that was a problem; my luck, my daughter would be inquisitive and rebellious—I’ll pass.”
“Revolution is natural, we all go through that.” Karen reasons.
“Talk about looking on the bright side, I say rebellion and you say revolution, you’d of been perfect as a parent for me and my friends growing up.” Jennifer remarks then looks down to the floor.
“What is it Jen?” Karen examines not expecting an answer and moving out of her chair to kneel alongside. “I guess I’m fired from the cheer up committee,” she chides hoping to elicit a glimpse of positive emotion.
Taking Karen’s hand and bringing it to her face, Jennifer sighs, “Why can’t it be this easy with him?”
“Because we’re women dear heart; we share a bond. We connect and understand in ways different from our male counterparts. Not that they’re less, because they aren’t; I think it’s the same with them too.” Karen assures trying to ignore the voices in her mind.
“If that’s the case, maybe that’s why that drunk woman said David was hooked up with a man back when he was in college.” Jennifer surmises.
“That makes more sense to me. Like I said before, I can’t see David with a guy. He’s a man’s man.” Karen confirms unaware she is suggestively gazing into Jennifer’s eyes.
“Wow Karen, you have the cutest eyes. No cute isn’t the right word. They are so bright and look like the work of an artist. I bet you always hear about them.” Jennifer compliments while surges fire through Karen’s body. On autopilot, devoid of guilt, decorum and protocol, Karen thanks Jennifer for the accolade moving to stand behind Jennifer positioning herself to give a massage.
“You seem tense Jen.” Karen assesses softly working both shoulders.
“I am; you know I am.” Jen agrees unfastening the first few buttons of her blue polo shirt allowing Karen to touch her skin. Zoning on a higher net, Karen breathes deeply taking in the aroma. She’s reminded of the many scents carried by Victoria’s Secret then wonders, does Jen go to VS? I bet she would look good in just her underwear. I wish she’d take her shirt off; of course she’s only trying to make it easier for me to massage her shoulders—nothing more. Ah her skin is so supple; she must pamper herself regularly to keep it this soothing. I just want to turn her around right now, grab her head and have her suck me off. It wouldn’t take long at all; I bet she’s been with a woman at least once. Maybe I should ask her; oh yeah Karen that’ll go over real well. It wouldn’t have to mean anything; she’s not even my type. I just haven’t had a woman in forever and I’m creaming. I want; dammit I need; this is agony Karen professes to herself. Trying to dim the intoxication of lust, she almost cries out but confers within, “Lord help me, this is your child Karen. Where are you when I need you? If you don’t want me to do this, give me a sign.”
Severing Karen’s internal war, Jen chimes, “Yeah! Guess who’s finally here? That’s the garage door opening. Oh my goodness, thank you, thank you, David is finally home. Isn’t that wonderful? It’s about time isn’t it girl? You are the best K! You told me he’d be here soon.”
Panties sticky and senses peaking at maximum, a world wind of sane arrives; material, rational and irrational all convene—wanting to scream, pout, cry yet thankful for Jennifer’s fog, Karen imparts, “Isn’t that what friends are for? Thank you for trusting me enough to share something so personal. I’m going to scoot so that you and David can talk. Remember to tell him everything the doctor told you and be sure to call me if you need anything. “
“I will sweetie.” Jennifer assures kissing Karen on the cheek. “Oh and by the way, your hands are simply magical. You relaxed me and I didn’t think that was possible; especially with everything that was going on. You had me melting like butter. You’re gonna have to teach that to David.”
“Anytime love.” Karen calls exiting the front door before David finishes parking in the garage. I’ve got to get outta here. I guess that was God’s sign that I asked for—David getting home. Like the church always says, prayer changes things, Karen reasons hurrying to her Honda Accord.
          “You’re staying over there tonight right?” Rob initiates hoping to disquiet Bishop’s easiness.
          “Nah man, I’m leaving in the next thirty.” Bishop informs.
          “Yeah okay, she’s not gonna like that.”
          “She’ll be cool with it. It’s not like that between us; we don’t want each other like that. Speak what you know man.”
          “Did you sleep with her?” Rob nosily asks.
          “Where you want to meet up at?” Bishop injects, changing the subject.
          “I’m telling ya, if you slept with her, then it’s like that between y’all; you know how women are about that type of thing.” Rob obsesses.
          “Brah please drop it. She and I know and that’s what matters. One sec man, lemme call you back after I leave outta here.” Bishop responds hearing Andi approaching.
          “Uh huh, that’s how it starts.” Rob instigates.
          “How would you know? Yeah, that’s what I thought; I’ll hit you shortly.”  Bishop quips then turns around to see Andi’s smiling at him.
          “You hungry? I can put something together for you to take with you in a bag.” Andi mentions.
          “What made you think I was leaving? I didn’t say anything” Bishop guiltily renders, fearing Andi may have heard what he and Rob were discussing.
          “Oh it’s not that; it’s just that my friend Devin will be coming over soon and it may be a bit awkward if she sees you here. You know I wouldn’t care otherwise.”
          Trying to prevent an all out guffaw, Bishop chuckles about Rob’s concern that Andi would have a problem with him leaving. “Not a problem; it should take me about ten minutes and then I’ll be on my way.”
          “Thanks Bishop, I have to finish getting ready. Would you please let yourself out hon and we’ll talk tomorrow right?” Andi leisurely poses
          “Right,” Bishop affirms figuring Devin is the next woman Andi is going to drive insane. Andi is a sure enough pill, but that head she gives makes it all worth it.  

Stay tuned and find out what happens next

Monday, July 5, 2010

And The Story Goes ... Episode XII

It seems the softness in Gabriel’s voice was the catalyst to Sophia’s purging about her meeting with Kennedy. Sensible initially, her replay quickly escalated to outrageous. Unimpressed, Gabriel interjected, “Sure she seemed a bit braggadocios but why are you so angry? Is something else motivating your rage?”

What! That was a dumb question; hadn’t she just heard what I said. I must be in some alternate universe. What is wrong with her? We’re never on opposing sides. How come she couldn’t see it? Sophia considers remembering some of the accusations launched by Gabriel. Since when are Gabby and I so vehemently opposed? I thought she’d have my back on this. Well—maybe not, it was Gabby who didn’t even want me to meet Kennedy. She felt I needed more training on counseling a homosexual. I say, experience is the best teacher. I want to help people that are looking to break free from the bondage of being gay. To wait for more education would just be an excuse to not move to action. Why would I do that when so many people want help? Even with clarifying my position, Gabby still didn’t get it. Why was she being so stubborn?  “I just wanted to help,” Sophia testifies expelling a long sigh remembering the exchange between them that ended the palavering.

“I admire the passion with which you want to free the mind of a troubled soul but I didn’t think Kennedy wanted any help. I thought she was content in her decision to be gay. Did she want help Sophia?”

“Everyone wants help Gabriel.”

“Now see? That’s what I mean; instead of answering and explaining to help me understand, you’re defending yourself. Why is that?” Gabriel condescends.

“I’m not defending myself, why are you acting like this?” Sophia exclaims.

“I guess I’m missing it sweetie. You’ve been ranting and I still don’t know what the poor woman did that was so wrong. It sounds like she didn’t have any idea why the two of you were meeting and yet she took it like a champ. Yeah she debated with you, but even you said she was nice about it. Forgive me for not getting it; to me you sound like you’re obsessing and I would really like to know why,” Gabriel summates.

“Wow, I don’t know what to say; I’m speechless,” Sophia manages as the lump rises in her throat.

“All evidence to the contrary.”

The silence was not golden as neither woman spoke for a few seconds. Conceding her last statement bordered on nasty and clearly was unnecessary, Gabriel offers, “I can see that you don’t like what happened with Kennedy and since it seems like I’m not helping, I should probably let you go. How about we talk a little later; okay sweetie?”

Not feeling okay and trying to douse the hurt burning within her chest, Sophia agrees to the mutual retreat and the call expires. Kennedy’s the heathen but I get accused of obsessing. Why do I get so upset anytime I think about her? Gabby’s right, she was kind and seemed to accept that we both did not agree. I can’t believe she was so well read in the scriptures; what was that about? If I didn’t know I’d feel so embarrassed, I’d ask her more about some of the points she made. She was fairly intelligent and her confidence made it even more overbearing. Maybe that’s why she seemed so attractive. I can see why women cower to her but just as they’d think she’s not in my best interest, she would act humble and then they would give in to her. That’s gotta be a real head trip.

Now more subdued, venom securely sutured, Sophia rests her head on the back of the large comfy chair. Her heart slows as relaxation commands her eyes shut. Firmly closed, a movie begins on her lids; she and Kennedy are in the room and Kennedy has to have her. Caught in the impulse, Sophia slides her satiny hands down her ashy light brown thighs into her pastel striped Hanes. Lubrication saturates the swelling middle as Sophia massages between her lips. Rotating her hips forward, she widens her legs to allow her hands to move faster. Giving in more, wanting to climb higher, Sophia slightly lifts her legs, providing the gateway to more than a clitoral orgasm. Fondling her opening with haste brings heavier breathing as the film continues. Kennedy kisses Sophia’s calves and hamstrings while she lie there on her stomach moistening the sheets with each touch from Kennedy’s lips. Impatient and wanting more, Sophia elevates to all fours. Kennedy pauses and admires the buffet awaiting her then uses her fingers to pull Sophia’s lips apart, and suckles. First softly licking then accelerating to meet the speed at which Sophia was pushing back to receive her tongue exploration, Kennedy holds Sophia’s thighs for balance to keep from falling back. Inhibition’s absent as Sophia looks back and motions for Kennedy to lie down. Before she could offer any further instructions, Kennedy pulls Sophia atop her, sitting her just under her breasts. Looking up into her eyes, Kennedy declares, “I wanted to make sure I was in the position to follow your instructions to the letter. Now tell me General, what am I to do?” Feeling secure and free, Sophia climbs onto Kennedy’s face, and straddles right over her mouth. Using the headboard to support her weight via her left hand, Sophia uses her right hand to open her swollen lips, advertising her clit then glides it across Kennedy’s orifice. Carnality forces Sophia to stuff Kennedy’s mouth with more goodness; every plunge hastening to a convulsive climax. Thighs shaking, Sophia considers cessation to avoid an early arrival. Out of compliance with that plan, Kennedy pulls her forward delving deeper and faster with her tongue, hoping the onset of the explosion was less than seconds away. The cinematography seeming live, Sophia cries out to Kennedy, “Right there, Yes! Please don’t stop. Oh yeah, yeah, mm hmm, mm hmm, sssss, oh! Yes! Oh! Ah!” Not disappointing, Kennedy engulfs her juices and accepts the shock of every thrust to her estuary, granting Sophia complete release and ending the screen play. Limp with REMs fast approaching, Sophia’s fatiguing mind floods with questions, the most apparent one being, what the heck was that? She tries to search for an answer, but sleep arrives first.
Stay tuned and find out what happens next, Monday, July 12th 2010. Have a beautiful day and stay hydrated! 

Monday, June 28, 2010

And The Story Goes ... Episode XI

Please enjoy the music while your party is being reached
♪ I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it, I’m about to lose control and I think I like it. ♪
She’s probably at rehearsal or in the middle of practicing knowing Toni, Shaun thinks as the Pointer Sisters song diminuendos and the voice mail message begins. Ending the call, Shaun chortles remembering Andi’s words. Screw me? Huh, screw you b that mess was over before it started. Shoot, Andi was too everything; too much, too little, too mouthy, too extra, just to damn too. Hopefully she meant it when she hung up on me; God help, she won’t call back.

“You don’t ever have time for me anymore. What’s got you so busy?” Andi mocks as though Karen couldn’t possibly have anything else to do but answer her solicits for attention.

“Life girl; I can’t really talk right now.”

Can she get over herself? She’s not the only one with a life ya know. She’s so selfish; it’s always I gotta this and I gotta that. Why do I even bother? “You’re not the only one with a life. There’s a lot going on with me right now.”

“I know sweetie and I’m sorry but this isn’t a good time. I’ll call you a little later okay?” Karen gently suggests. I hope she isn’t about to snap off. Lord knows it’s just like Andi to trip out because I have to take care of something other than what she deems is important. The last thing I need is to hear her nonsense while I’m trying to sit here and help Jen. She’s trying to deal with cancer and lies about her husband. I still can’t believe someone told her David is a homo; that’s not even possible. Women can be so catty, probably some tramp that wants to screw David. There is no effing way David is into dudes. Well she did say it was back when he was in school. People do get wild when they leave home, I should know. Yeah, I’m sure he got wild; he was an athlete and frat boy after all. I bet he had women all over, I know Brad did and they were best friends. Come to think of it, I wonder what Brad would say about David and men; he would fall out laughing I’m sure. Hmmm I wonder; I just might have to tell him the rumors on ol’ Dave.

“Hello, hello Karen, are you there? I don’t believe this. Hello Karen, if you can hear me, I can’t hear you. Are you there?” Did she hang up? Andi muses just as Karen unpremeditatedly reacts, “I’m here Andi, but I don’t have a good signal. I’ll catch up with you tonight. Talk to you then girl.”

“Talk to me then? Talk to me when?” Andi quizzes not immediately discerning that Karen is no longer on the other end.  What a crock; she’s always too busy for little old me. With friends like her, you don’t need enemies. I should call Devin, she always has time for me.
          “What was that you were saying? Care to repeat your accusations? I think you were lecturing me on the pitfalls of jealousy when Karen called me and then you decided to act it out. Admit it David, I’m not the only one who gets jealous and we both know why.” Brad states raising his left eyebrow suggestively.

          Ignoring the obvious overtones, David snaps defensively, “I don’t think inquiring about the reason Karen would need to contact you yet again, when she’s knows we’re playing racquetball constitutes invidiousness. Face it Brad; this is about you not wanting to be the only one green with envy.”

          Here comes the human thesaurus; why can’t he just say jealousy. Isn’t that what normal people say? Not him, he has to say invidiousness. That’s my David; man I love him. “When I think of green, I think of Go, not envy; and knowing what I know you should too babe. Now drop the attitude and stop wasting time; you’re gonna have your hands full soon enough. Or maybe you should drop something else, how ‘bout that?”

          “Do you ever get enough?” David scoffs.

          “No and neither do you. C’mon let’s go to the showers. I got something for you to suck on. I think I see a green light and it’s getting brighter; here take a look.” Brad demands pointing to his member.

          Wanting to resist but feeling his own “green light” David follows behind Brad, who turns leaving the court, eagerly anticipating what was about to become. He knows how to get me going. Damn I’m so weak for him.

          Nodding his head then glancing back to the accompanying David, Brad looks around to ensure there are no observers. Still walking, he reaches into David shorts, reacquaints with his favorite and whispers “I wanna taste and be tasted.” Feeling a tinge of guilt, he rethinks his decision to not tell David what Karen said. I should’ve told him Jen wants him home but our time keeps getting cut. I will after we shower; we deserve some time together. Ever since that damn accident things have gotten even more strained. He’ll understand, it’s not like she’s dying, she can wait this once; I always do.

 Ah man, I missed Shaun’s call. I hope she wants to hang out tonight. I knew I should’ve left earlier. I would’ve if Lyric had of stop talking; how many times are you gonna want to reread the doggone lines at rehearsal. She needs to do that crap at home – she’s carrying on like a headliner. You’re an understudy for goodness sakes. Let me hurry up and call her back, we’ve been having so much fun lately Toni appraises selecting Shaun’s mobile number, unaware of Lyric approaching on her left.
“You didn’t ride your bike tonight? I usually see your helmet riding into the sunset when I come out,” Lyric teases.
“Not tonight, it’s too humid. I’d be a sweaty mess.” Toni explains.
“It has been quite hot lately. It feels like July.”
“It is July Lyric. You might need to get yourself some rest girl; we’ve been going at it hard.” Toni declares trying to move the conversation along so she can return Shaun’s call.
“That’s fer sure; you headed home?” Lyric quizzes noticing a look of surprise on Toni’s face.
What the heck? Why is she asking that? She want a ride or something? “Well I’m not sure. I was hoping to catch up with a friend of mine.”
“Is it the girl who comes and waits for you at rehearsal sometimes? I don’t mean to be nosy,” Lyric justifies.
But you are being nosy. “What girl?” Toni asks not wanting to say yes.
“The one whose car you sit in sometimes. Y’all seem like good friends.”
What is she doing; watching me with binocs when I leave? Toni leaves with girl, full story at 11. “Oh yeah, we’re good friends.” Toni assures
Hmmm she didn’t answer my question. I know she heard it. Maybe she’s just guarded. I should just come out with it. What’s the worst that can happen huh? “I asked because I want to go out with you and didn’t wanna disrespect anything you all may have. Are you available to grab a bite? Lyric invites.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t really hear you. The music from that truck over there drowned you out. What did you say?” Toni asks trying to compile an acceptable response to Lyric’s invitation.
Skeptical but accepting the plausibility, Lyric repeats, “Do you wanna grab something to eat? I asked about your friend because I’m very interested in getting to know more about you outside of work.” I bet she’s gonna end up asking about Scott.
“Going out would be good; tonight wouldn’t be the best night though. If I’d known, I would’ve brought a change of clothes; how about later this week?”
“Sure; what’s your number so I can text you mine?” Lyric explains.
“Cool; I have a quick question Lyric and I’m not trying to judge. Your business is your business. There’s a guy that’s with you almost all of the time, is he your brother?”
Laughing, Lyric clarifies, Scott is not my brother although he’s around like one. We tried to go out back in high school and have been friends ever since. Don’t get me wrong, I do date guys just not that guy.”
“So you’re bisexual?” Toni submits
“Yes mam; card-carrying and proud”, Lyric announces confidently. “I bet you’re not used to hearing that response.”
“No I’m not; I’m pretty sure that was the first,” Toni confirms looking forward to what Lyric was about to say next.
“I think the definition of bisexual has become mucked up. It has become a symbol for greed and lies and distrust and that is a falsehood if I do say so myself. Please allow me to explain premise; not everyone who likes both wants both at the same time or wants to lie to one to have the other. I myself prefer not to mix sticks and slits; how about you dear heart?”
Bellowing to the point of almost choking Toni chides, “Now that is a colorful definition if I ever heard one. Bravo Lyric, bravo! Although Toni’s enjoying Lyric’s antics, she hopes for an ending in the near future. “Girl you are too funny. We definitely gotta hang out.”
She said hang, I’m not trying to hang, I want to date. Let me not push it, we can work out the details later. “Yes, let’s; see ya later.”
“Cool”, Toni responds, rolling up her window. I sure hope Shaun isn’t busy. I have been chatting with this chick when I could’ve been calling Shaun back – Damn, what if she’s unavailable?

Stay tuned and find out what happens next, Monday, July 5th 2010. Have a grand 4th of July weekend; it’s our nation’s birthday! 

Monday, June 14, 2010

And The Story Goes ... Episode X

Experiencing another mental tirade over what happened at Kennedy’s a few weeks ago, Sophia envisages, why oh why do I keep thinking about her? What a crock! Talk about thinking you know everything—Gabby was right. I shouldn’t have gone there by myself. Then again nothing happened really—it was such a waste of time. You’d of thought she called the meeting the way she dominated the conversation. What was Karen thinking when she recommended I speak to Kennedy? Okay, okay, technically she didn’t, but she could’ve warned me when I asked about her. I was trying to help her but she believes she’s right. How can someone so well versed on the scriptures actually believe being gay is acceptable to God? Her arrogance was beyond belief; who doesn’t know that Sodom and Gomorrah was wiped out due to homosexual sins?
I’m sure only Kennedy believes there wasn’t any mention of God’s feelings towards that when He spoke about the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah.
She tried to intellectualize everything; you’d think she was a concordance. I’ve never heard anyone say that God was speaking about rape when referring to the sins of that town and the fact that she cited Genesis 19 from which she garnered that revelation was profane. I can’t stand when someone knows a little bit of information and uses it to mislead. I’m trying to save souls, not have an academic debate with a self proclaimed theologian. I refuse to be dissuaded from helping people come to the Lord just because it’s not popular.
I’ve tried to help so many people, even my cousin Karen and yet I’m alone. I’m the one that’s by myself because I choose chastity, and purity, and virtue. Well, not alone because I always have Jesus in my heart but what about having someone in human form for this earthly realm? This is nothing but warfare; the devil is always trying to battle with me and he used Kennedy. She was spewing all types of unsupported facts about God’s view on homosexuality. I guess as sinners we’ll find anything to justify our sins. I wonder if Gabriel has ever had anyone use the excuses Kennedy gave me. The nerve of her to challenge the Word of God; it is only by grace that He saved any of us. How any of us can challenge His power and goodness is unconscionable. If that wasn’t enough—when I began to raise my voice, God forgive me, she ignored my fervor and with gall said, “I have nothing but respect for your passion in your beliefs. Passion is a beautiful thing and I’m sure you will look beyond our differences. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your concern for my future Sophia. Is there anything else you’d like to talk about tonight?” What else was there to say at that point? Clearly her heart was hard against any truth. I’m glad I left right then. Yeah she played nice and tried to walk me to my car but I wasn’t having that or anything else Miss Kennedy was giving! I can only help people that want to be helped … who is that ringing my phone? Probably a telemarketer, I don’t recognize the ring tone.
“Sophia Delp,” she answers.
“Hey Lady Sophie,” Gabriel replies.
“Yup it’s me; I’m calling from my mother-in-laws house. My cell is charging right now.”
“How is mama?” Sophia offers sincerely.
“She’s good; I wanna know how you are. We haven’t had a chance to talk in more than a week and I didn’t see you at the last meeting.”
Before responding, Sophia exhales then begins outlining her meeting with Kennedy.
Awaiting the abatement of Karen’s call, Jennifer calms down after whispering cynical sentiments about telling Karen that Brad was supposedly David’s college lover. At least that’s the story the gossiper spun during Homecoming weekend at Berkeley. Remembering how highly she thought of Karen, Jennifer decides not to share those specifics. Why share something like that when there are no facts? It’s bad enough that I had to hear that; I’m not gonna do that to Karen. I have much more pressing issues to talk to her about.
Rejoining the room, Karen scares Jennifer, disrupting her thoughts. Almost blurting, Jennifer announces Dr. Tomell’s findings.
“I have cervical cancer Karen.”
“Oh honey, I’m so sorry; are they sure? Is there any chance of error? How can I help?”
“Yes, they’re sure; my pap came back abnormal so they did another pap and when that came back the same, they did a biopsy.”
“I can’t even imagine what you must be going through. Did you know before the accident? Is this what you don’t want to share with David?”
“I do want to tell David, it’s just that I don’t want him to think ill of me. I had the biopsy before the accident and I was going to tell him when I came to the gym that day, but my mind started playing tricks on me. Next thing I knew, I was in the ER.”
“Why would he think something bad of you? You are the victim here; you didn’t ask for cancer.”
“True; but there’s something he doesn’t know. Before David and I started dating, I had genital warts. I had them removed, and they’ve never come back. The problem is I never told him about it.”
“But that was before you and he even knew each other. C’mon Jen, David would stand by you and support you in this.”
“Let me put it another way; how would you feel if Brad had herpes and never told you about it. Would you care if it happened before you?”
“There’s no comparison—you’re comparing apples and oranges.”
“No—both are incurable.”
“I’m not gonna debate this with you, the point is, you have cancer and I believe your husband would want to know and will stand by you. If it’ll help, I’ll come with you to tell David or I can tell Brad and he’ll tell for sure. You know how close they are.”
All too well if I believe … never mind. “That’s nice of you to offer Karen, but no. You’re right, I need to tell him and I’m going to tonight.”
“Good girl; now would you like me to call Brad back and tell him you’d like David to come home now?”
“I’m injured not helpless.”
“I know but since they’re together I figure I can kill two birds with one stone; call Brad to meet me and tell him to have David come home.”
“Where are they?”
“Playing racquetball; probably putting names to the balls as they hit them,” Karen suggests snickering a bit but quickly changing her expression to somber reminded of the conversation being about cancer. “Just sit tight hon, I’m going to call Brad right now.”
          “I don’t see why you’re not more concerned about why Jen was at the gym.”
          “Gosh you sound paranoid Brad. Why do you keep bringing this up?” David asks wiping the sweat from his hairline.
          “Because it doesn’t make sense; her explanation for being at your gym is flimsy. I hope you’re not being naïve again,” Brad declares.
          “I’m naïve because I believe my wife is still unaware of our relationship. If that’s what it is now; is it still a relationship Brad or are you just pricked by my marriage?” David sarcastically propositions.
          “How convenient; are we talking about me or you?”
          “Explain that; you’re not married, I am, and it seems to get under your skin even though you didn’t want to be with me exclusively. You wanted to pretend for other people remember?”
          “Don’t throw that in my face again; is that always gonna be your response when the conversations between us turn to you and your wife. We said we were going to talk about us that day at the gym. I’ve been trying and every time it’s come up since then, you retreat. Who’s being the coward now? Maybe I did get skittish back then but what about now? One second.”
“Is that Karen calling you again? You just talked to her a few minutes ago. Damn that girl; can you get a moments peace?” David protests right before Brad picks up her call.
“So you’re breaking up with me because I didn’t want to see you on the day you asked, after you refused to go out with me when I suggested we spend some time together. Aren’t you the selfish one,” Andi fumes.
“Huh?” She got all that from me saying I’d prefer to just be friends and no longer date Shaun considers.
“Or are you seeing someone else now? Is that it?”
“No Andi, I’m not seeing anyone; I just think we’ll fair better as friends that don’t date.”
“Easy for you to say; you don’t even care about how I might feel about it.”
“I do care how you feel, but that’s not going to change my mind. Listen sweetheart, I think you’re a nice girl and I hope nothing I’ve said has hurt you.”
“Whatever Shaun; you could’ve at least done this in person. So crass of you to do it over the phone; It’s cool though. I actually agree with you. There were a lot of things about you I didn’t like.”
“Well then I’m glad we’re in agreement.”
“Screw you!” Andi exclaims before ending the call.
Wasn’t that unnecessarily dramatic? Then again, what should I have expected? That’s the joy of Andi Shaun ponders then dials Toni’s number.
Stay tuned and find out what happens next, Monday, June 21st 2010. Make you day beautiful!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

And The Story Goes ... Episode IX

          “Hmm yea right there. Just like that, don’t stop!” Please don’t move from that spot. That’s it, oh she feels so good Avery thinks as Kennedy partakes in her nectar. With her upper back and head propped up on two pillows and her thighs open like the Sukhasana position in Yoga – legs extended, Avery uses both hands to secure her lips on either side ensuring Kennedy has complete access to her protruding clit. Her body jolts from Kennedy’s navigation to ‘the place’ prompting Avery’s insistence that she stay suckling right there while thrusting her pelvis forward to guarantee Kennedy’s tongue stay on target. ‘The place’ being the one of many spots that causes the body to surge into an insatiable quest for climax which is why Avery is panting and pushing her middle between Kennedy’s lips.

          Not quite five feet, ten inches in height, Kennedy’s legs extend beyond the queen-sized bed as she finds sustenance in Avery’s juices. Her gluts flex as she grinds and slightly pumps the sheets reflecting on the last time she entered Avery. Knowing their time was short today, they opted for strictly oral sensations instead of their usual full contact romp including Trish, the affectionate name given to the harness that houses whatever curved inches Avery wants to receive from Kennedy. Having to curtail their encounter, a thought sporadically appearing in Avery’s mind, initiated the hastening to crescendo. With more time, she’d want Kennedy to explore further but time is of the essence right now.

          I bet Vanessa has text me. Hopefully it wasn’t too long ago. I’m gonna have to get off later. I should not have tried to cut it this close; Avery would’ve understood a change in plans. She does not sweat me on my schedule. What the hell was I thinking? Let me not even try to lie to myself – I was thinking about these thick thighs wrapped around my head like a vice. Damn she juicy; that’s right give it all to me Kennedy mulls feeling Avery’s body convulse, jerking and spewing a liquid feast. Oh yea! Now that was worth the trouble I might get in later. Mmm, I wanna put it in your mouth so bad girl, but that’s gonna have to wait till next time. Let me hurry up and get going before I change my mind and start really causing some problems.


“I absolutely cannot picture my husband taking it in the rear. Can you believe I’m saying this? It’s absurd! If I told you the countless thoughts I’ve had about him and another man you’d shoot me. I need to get off of these pain killers; they’re affecting my judgment. Ever since that accident I haven’t been myself. What should I do Karen?” Jennifer questions.

“Well um okay, I’m a little in shock right now; give me a minute to get my bearings.  First you need to try and relax. Like you’ve said, you’ve been taking some pretty strong meds. Did you think David was sleeping with men before your accident?”

I’m not sure.”

“It’s not a trick question,” Karen chides.

“I never thought anything until his school reunion. One of his old classmates told me about a torrid affair David had with another man. How could he do that to me?”

“Wait, slow down Jennifer—a stranger decides to spin some erotic tale about your husband and your faith in him goes out the window?  Who was this person and why should you trust them? What about all of your years with David? Doesn’t he deserve some credit?” Karen defends unable to picture David being any man’s man. Shucks, David is the last person anyone would suspect of taking it; giving it maybe. Nah, not him, somebody’s just messing with Jen’s head. Maybe her doctor should take down some of the milligrams in those pills. I wonder if she’d be just as flabbergasted to find that I’d follow the contour of her tanned body before ever looking at David. I can barely recall all of Brad’s anatomy and I sleep with him. “Have you ever seen anything that made you question whether he was straight?”

“I know, I know but she sounded so convincing, like she knew what she was talking about.”

“Who? Who told you all of this? I’ve never heard even a whimper about David’s sexuality being something other than straight.” Of course I haven’t heard any mention about myself either, so I’m not sure that logic is the catalyst to any real conclusive findings, Karen reasons, awaiting Jennifer’s explanation.

“I can’t remember her name; it’s not like I knew her—I was trying to figure out what brew I wanted when she sauntered over to me.”

“You let a drunken woman put ideas in your head about your man? She probably was tore up Jen.”

“I guess you had to be there. I felt she knew my man better than I did; like I was an outsider in my own relationship. I don’t think about it a lot but I just wonder ya know? Especially now Karen; it keeps gnawing at me.”

“Why now? Is it because of the accident?”

“I wish it were. Do you know that on the day of the crash I was spying on my husband? I was messed up and confused and wanting to tell him about my doctor’s appointment when I started getting suspicious. David is wonderful but sometimes he disappears out the bed or seems to go to the gym kind of early; I used to think nothing but now I just don’t know.”

“What doctor’s appointment? Is something wrong? Are you pregnant? I know y’all were trying. Did you tell David whatever it was?” Karen inspects eager to hear answers.

“No I didn’t tell him about the doctor and I’m glad the hospital didn’t tell him when I was in their ER for my accident,” Jennifer guiltily announces.

“Jennifer, he’s your husband and I’m sure he would want to know. He’d want to support you no matter what your doctor said. Can I help in any way?”

“Yes you can; I’ve been holding this in and that’s not healthy. Dr. Tomell told me I um …” Tear droplets ski the slopes of Jennifer cheeks before she finishes. Trying to prevent an all out cry she keeps softly sniffling, when Karen’s phone rings. Showing Jennifer the display indicating the call is from Brad, she signals the one moment and steps out the room.  Taking the time to get herself together, Jennifer grabs some tissue, leans on the granite counter and wipes her face. Sighing loudly, she whispers, “Would you be so consoling if you thought my husband was boffing your man? I doubt it. Maybe you need to hear exactly what was told to me. Maybe you’ve seen something I haven’t. Why should I be the only one carrying all of this? You asked if you could help; how about I give you a scoop of truth. Yeah, I need your help Karen.”

Stay tuned and find out what happens next, Monday, June 14th 2010.
What did the doctor tell Jennifer?
Is Karen going to find out that Brad is the one rumored to have been David’s lover?
                    Is Kennedy with anyone exclusively?